When the US-based Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) shuttered the Canadian edition of Nutrition Action Healthletter in December 2015 and its Canadian operations a few months later after nearly two decades, long-time Canadian National Coordinator, Bill Jeffery, launched the Centre for Health Science and Law (CHSL) to continue the sorely needed independent health advocacy on food and nutrition policy issues and publish a successor magazine.

Six times per year, the new Food for Life Report magazine will feature the best scientific research on food and nutrition to inform reader on how to best protect and enhance their health and navigate the myriad of self-serving dietary advice touted in food labels, menus, advertisement-fueled magazines, and fad-diet books. Food for Life Report will help apprise readers of developments in food and nutrition law in Canada and internationally. For people who care about food and health, Food for Life Report is a great recipe for savvy eating and savvy citizenship.

Like CSPI, the Centre for Health Science and Law (CHSL) accepts no funding from government or industry and our new Food for Life Report  will be advertisement-free.

The new group will be headquartered in Canada with all-Canadian staff and financially supported chiefly by subscribers to Food for Life Report .

Both the magazine and the public policy advocacy will be Canada-focussed, but enlightened by scientific research and law reforms from around the world, especially beyond the United States where reforms are often stymied by powerful multinational food companies and laws that permit corporations to bankroll electoral campaigns of politicians.

Help support what could become Canada’s first real food watchdog.


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